Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catching up....again

So we went and got family pictures taken a little over a week ago. That was my first experience paying for professional pictures. Boy did I underestimate what we were going to spend! Or maybe it was that I overestimated my ability to say "No, I do not want that picture of my beautiful, sweet, cuddly child". O' man! I was completely unprepared. These types of things are what should be in the What to Expect books. Alright, anyway, I'll cut to the chase. Here are a couple of the pictures. The rest are here.

They are really low quality because the portrait studio would be down right silly to give me high quality electronic copies of all of the pictures :) Well we bought enough to share with all of the grandparents (They will be sent shortly, I promise). Since Duncan is so fortunate to have so many grandparents, we couldn't buy for aunts and uncles too. So all of you aunts and uncles, if you would like to purchase a sheet or two, get in touch with me before November 7th and I will tell you how. Edited to say that I believe we are going to purchase enough wallets to go around. Therefore the above statement applies to larger photos.

Duncan is so darn cute, huh? And recently, he has started to look like me.... well alright that might be stretching it. Look for yourself.

Can you see it? huh, can you??? He has curls!!!!! Yeah! He is my child!! (Please ignore the carrots)

I have been neglectful in thanking my SIL Jessica for the hairband I won on her blog. Thanks Jess! I like it a lot. It is really well made. 

O yeah, Brett likes it too...

We went to Brett's cousin Amanda's wedding this past weekend. This is a picture of the father/ daughter dance:

Randy (Amanda's dad) cried here and when he gave her away. He was promptly kicked out of his fantasy football league.

A couple of days ago I discovered that Brett twitches if any of the kitchen cabinets are left open. So of course I have been making sure to keep them closed. He worked 16 hours today and will be home soon. I, being the wonderful, loving, caring wife that I am, have left him dinner in the fridge and on the counter. See:

Hehehehehehehehehehehehahahahaha! I can't wait! I'm so baaaaad!
Anyway, I better get upstairs before he gets here and the joke is ruined. I will leave you all with a few pictures I found when I unloaded my camera for the kitchen shots. 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A turn of events...

So I have bought more fabric for the curtains that I absolutely love. I actually sewed a whole panel tonight! Well minus the tabs of course. 1 down 2 more to go.  I am not going to post pictures of my progress because I want the color to be a surprise. Brett doesn't seem to like it. I think he is having trouble picturing it as curtains. It is a bright color, but the sewing room is pretty dark, and I think the sun will filter through these curtains very nicely. I promise to keep you updated.

Tuesday night Brett started talking about going back to school, and I started getting all nostalgic. Before I knew it I had applied to Northern Kentucky University and was requesting my transcripts from UC! So it looks like both of us are school bound. I love school. I love geology. I love being a house wife. I love being a mom. If only there was a way I could be a stay-at-home mom and a geologist! I know this whole blog is about me learning how to be a housewife, but I feel like I need the degree. I am 2 maybe 3 semesters away from my degree. I feel like I will regret it if I don't do it now. Before I know it I will have more kids and it will be that much harder right? 

Well it's late and I am tired (can you tell?) so I will leave you with this:

And because my FIL asked, here is the nugget playing ball:

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