Sunday, October 2, 2011

Learning New Things

In the last three days I decided to try to make a couple of things I haven't made before. I made slippers for Duncan out of some of his old fleece PJs. I used the darling diapers mini mocs pattern.

He put them on first thing this morning and walked all over the house just staring at them. He liked how the non-skid bottoms sound on the hard floors. He kept them on all morning and I would see him look down at them and smile every now and then :) Now I need to make a pair for Audrey. She was quite jealous.

I also looked up how to make baby leg warmers. It was so fun I ended up making 6 pairs!!

I made some of them shorter because I thought that they would be better for an itty bitty baby, but now that I'm looking at the long ones, I'm not so sure. I think I'll make more long ones and just let her grow into them :) The fuzzy ones were hard to work with, but I love the finished product!!
O and I also discovered what happens when you serge a pin. Yikes! I broke my knife! The whole top knife broke off and went flying over my shoulder. I don't have any replacements on hand so my overlocker is now out of commission until I get some :(

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Tricia said...

What a a great idea, using his old pj's for slippers...I love repurposing.

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