Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lots and lots of...things

Hello everyone! My wonderful boss has found a loophole for me to extend the deadline for my paper! So now I have the time and the energy to do the things I like to do... like blogging! Alright, I finished a pillow right before I got sidetracked by work. I didn't exactly follow the directions...I mean they're like rules, meant to be bent right????

Well here it is:

This is the other side.

Now it's not perfect...

I had a little trouble getting the material to lay properly in the sewing machine after I stuffed the pillow.

So one side of it looks a little funny...

And this was my first attempt at a slip stitch so one end looks at little uneven...

but hey, it's functional...

I haven't gotten any farther with the curtains than folding the material and putting it up. :)

Onto other topics, I am of the unfortunate victims of the Jardine crib recall :( :( :(

When I called in, and they told me that the people at BRU would be very helpful in finding another crib to match my other furniture as I bought THE WHOLE SET!!! Well the nice lady at BRU told us to go online!!!! I emailed about the difficulty of comparing finishes over the computer, and they kindly replied telling me that I was right!! They couldn't compare very well either.... I'm trying to hold it back... O I just can't! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... I love this crib! I have never owned a set of matching furniture and now that dream is gone... for now. :( :(

(I know, I know, I'm 3 months behind on his first year picture frame...shoot me;) )

Goodbye pretty crib... I have no idea what I will replace you with :(

I have happy (if not boring) news. A paper I co-authored was published online at the beginning of the year. Well now it has been published in print! It is in a special edition of Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) entitled "The World's Water" The title of my paper is "Occurrence of Contaminant Accumulation in Lead Pipe Scales from Domestic Drinking-Water Distribution Systems" If you happen to be an insomniac, it will help you sleep, I promise. If anyone is actually interested, but can't stand the thought of actually reading the thing, here is a news article on it. FYI, the guy they keep quoting, Mike Schock, is my boss. The paper I am writing now is a second installment of sorts... blah! Alright, I think I have caught everyone up. I thoroughly apologize for the boring work talk. I hope I didn't drive any of you away!!!

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Jessica said...

Hurray for the post & congrats on the pillow!

I think it's very cool that you're published - if I ever have trouble sleeping maybe I'll read it! :)

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