Sunday, July 27, 2008

A house full of unfinished projects.

Well, my quest to become the next Martha seems to have come to a halt. I started out with such large aspirations, but now I feel overwhelmed. I bet Martha never gets overwhelmed. She would probably tell me to stop whining and get to work huh? Whenever I get overwhelmed with a problem at work, I break it down into smaller pieces so I am better able to see what needs to be done. Here goes:
This is our guest bedroom. It is still full of all of the stuff that was downstairs when it flooded. Books fill an entire corner and cover the bed. Notice the tiny baby CPR dummies in the bottom left?  Is it me or does a pile of naked babies on the futon seem a little weird? They are Duncan's friends. :) See the luggage? It is still not put away from our vacation in JUNE!! sigh...
Here is my sewing room (the former office/ catch all). (See my baby Gizzy hiding behind my "sewing table"?) This room is probably the one project I have come the closest to finishing. However, there is still more in the garage...
As you can see it is still not possible to park a car in here (DUH right?). We are going to throw the couch away as it got ruined in the flood. The key to finishing this project is finding the time to do it. Both of us have to be home and the baby will either have to be asleep (which means we have to do it quietly) or occupied (with a grandparent maybe???? hint hint hint) ;)

These are my curtains. If you remember, this project got side tracked when I found out I didn't buy enough material. So now I've decided that I am going to find some more material I like for the sliding doors downstairs and use this material as the lining. 
This is the back patio. This project is so old I blogged about it on my former family blog. Just to detour for a second. My family blog is also an incomplete project as I haven't blogged on it since... I started this project actually. Anyway, my plan was to clean this patio up, add a flower garden and make a sitting area. 
I got as far as a small flower garden...
However, it needs to be weeded. My calla lilies are doing well... 
So is the weed I threw away the last time I weeded. I keep forgetting to ask Brett to put that bag in our garbage can (it's too heavy for me), and now it's sprouting life!!  

Golly am I disorganized!!! This is so unMartha of me! Can you see why I am little flustered? As I sit here typing this, I am spotting more projects I want to do such as treating my living room windows and filling empty picture frames...sigh. :(
I need your help. Where should I start? What should I do? (running far far away is not an option!)

Not that I am itching to change the topic or anything... but I just need to share this picture:

Peekaboo! Yes, that is his morning hair. Want more? Here is a video of my little dare devil:

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Tricia said...

You know, Martha has a staff of like a thousand people to get her stuff done for her. If I lived closer I'd volunteer to be your staff of one. I love organizing.
Duncan is too cute for words. I wish I could just pick him up and snuggle him!

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