Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth Day and Crafts

I took Duncan and Audrey to Cincinnati's Earth Day event and we had tons of fun! I forgot my camera though so no pics :( I've started eating vegan to lose weight, and I haven't had meat or dairy since Monday night! I had the best vegan chicken wrap while I was there. We also bought some Grateful Grahams (vegan graham crackers), and I really liked them too. After dinner, I made a couple of hair bow holders my SIL Jessica posted on her blog. It didn't take very long, and they are super cute. I even made an extra one for my co-worker. I'm either going to hang it on the wall in her bedroom or on her armoire. Now I have a place to put all of her bows without losing them! Thanks Jess!


Jessica said...

I love the background you chose for them! Was it fabric or paper?

I'm not liking how mine turned out so I think I'm going to deconstruct it & use a different fabric this time. :)

Moo said...

Thanks! It's fabric I found on sale at Hobby Lobby.

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