Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Ring Bearer

That's what Duncan referred to himself as when we told him about being a ring bearer in cousin Angel's wedding. The wedding was this past weekend, and he was quite the handsome little man. He wore the tux Maemae and Popsie gave us last summer. It fit perfectly! Unfortunately my camera is acting funky, and I can't seem to take a good picture. :/ I did get one of all of us together.

I also snapped one of Duncan and the bride. Well, the bride's knee anyway.

I didn't get any pictures of him walking down the aisle b/c I recorded it!

I have finally unpacked my sewing machine (I know, it took me a year!), and I'm starting to sew again. While I was out buying machine oil I found some of the cutest fabric on clearance. It's cotton flannel which is perfect for receiving blankets. I bought enough to make a large blanket for each of the babes. I made Duncan's first because he seemed very excited about it.
While it's not perfect, I think it was a great first project.

Brett likes it too. :P

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