Monday, June 23, 2008

I am the pie queen!!

Success!! I made steak tacos for dinner tonight and for dessert...(drumroll please) blueberry pie! I made the filling from scratch, but I used a box to make the dough (sue me). I was a little worried but it turned out great! Brett even brought some to our neighbors!!! 

On to other topics, I spent last night reading the instruction manual to my new sewing machine. It was actually kind of interesting. I even felt a little inspired when I read about the decorative stitches. As I just typed this I can already hear Brett, "Not only are you a rock nerd, now your a sewing nerd?" hehehe I guess so. If the shoe fits right? Besides he wasn't making fun of me when he saw how well I sewed up the crotch to a pair of his scrubs we he? That's right, I said crotch. That man has busted the crotch out of every single one of his scrub pants. I would hand sew it back up and he would come home with it busted out again :) One day he even busted the crotch out before he got out the door!!!! Now I promise you it wasn't my sewing. I would stitch over the length of the hole a minimum of three times and at least triple knot it. He says that it happens when he has to squat down, and no his pants aren't too baggy. My theory is that his tiny hiny won't hold a pair of pants up and scrubs have no belt loops. :) So anyway I sewed another pair last night but I got to use my sewing machine. It didn't take me long to figure out how to wind the bobbin or sew his pants. He was very appreciative. As for his pants, let's just say I'm going to keep that bobbin wound with white thread.


pk said...

Maybe some belt loops are in order ? or elastic ? just a thought !! You are doing great !! Well on the way !! hugs, pk

Jenn said...

Pie looks amazing!

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